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This Bird Once Had To Live In Isolation, But Luckily, She Now Has The Cutest Buddies

SEPTEMBER 7, 2017  —  By Corinne S.

It's not very often that you see a live bird without any feathers at all, but for the owners of these lovebirds, it's a normal, everyday sight.

Lemon and Indi from West Palm Beach, Florida, are a very special pair, not only because they share a close bond with each other, but because they both have psittacine beak and feather disease, a rare and ultimately fatal condition that has caused Lemon to become completely bald. Because the disease is highly contagious, Lemon has to be kept in isolation -- but she's never alone thanks to Indi.

Lemon used to have a full set of feathers, but as her disease progressed...

...she unfortunately lost them all.

But she's happy in the caring hands of her owner, Fabiana Guagliardo...

...and with Indi by her side. Indi also has the condition but has not yet lost her feathers.

Recently, Guagliardo heard about Rhea, another bird with the disease. Her owner was leaving the country and couldn't bring her, so Guagliardo decided to take her in.

She was worried about how the three birds would get along, but as it turns out, they're a perfect trio!

Learn more about these three special lovebirds below.


I'm so glad these cuties have each other for support and companionship. They couldn't be a better fit! You can check out more of this trio on Instagram.

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