I Should Feel Bad For What Happened To This Family. But Their Epic Reaction Is Simply Brilliant.

March 23, 2014 Stories

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During 2008, Hari and Karl Berzins lost their home and restaurant business. The recession hit them hard, but they didn’t let their misfortunes stop them from moving forward. They learned their lesson and vowed never to use credit again. So when they rebuilt, they did so on a small scale. (Literally.)

They used their small savings to buy a plot of land in Virginia in 2011. There, they built a home that’s smaller than 200 square feet. And they couldn’t be happier.

They are the Tiny House Family.

Building tiny houses to avoid debt and conserve space is an interesting phenomenon that is sweeping the country. Learn more about how the Berzin family did it by visiting their Facebook page. The most important thing about a home isn’t necessarily how big it is or how many shiny toys you have in it. It’s about living there with those you cherish.

Source: Tiny House Family

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