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He Took Some Toy Army Men And Put Them In A Bowl. When He Finished, I Was Amazed

MAY 2, 2015

Some people take the whole DIY thing a little far, leaving the rest of us just scratching our heads. But maybe we're the ones missing something?

This DIY fruit bowl is certainly a head-scratcher. At first glance, you might think, "Why?" But once you see how it turns out, you may have the sudden urge to run to the store or go digging through your kid's old toys for some army men to craft your own.

Is it crazy, or is it genius? You decide.

Start out with some army men -- the more the merrier.

You'll also need a heat gun and a metal bowl.

Arrange the plastic soldiers in the bottom of the bowl. As you go, hold the heat gun about five inches from the toys to melt them together.

Add more soldiers and repeat the process with the heat gun.

Be sure to do this outside to avoid inhaling any toxic fumes from the plastic.

Try not to hold the heat gun too close, or else the soldiers will melt too much.

Once all of the plastic soldiers have been melted together, let it cool and remove it from the metal bowl.

Double check that all of the soldiers are properly melted together.

Not exactly your average fruit bowl, but it's definitely unique!

(source Instructables)

This looks like a ton of fun to make (despite the toxic fumes), and the idea itself is pretty clever. So even if you might think this DIY is a little bit wacky, why not give it a try? We could probably all use a little more weird in our lives.

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