They Call The Girl Behind This Notecard A Monster. But Personally, I Think She’s Beautiful.

November 30, 2013 Stories

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Sarah Atwell isn’t like other girls. She has endured vicious torture since she was a little girl, just because she was born with a condition known as neurofibromatosis. It’s a rare disease that resulted in a tumor that grew on her face, causing her to be ridiculed by her peers. But, after years of abuse, she had enough. She bravely stood up to the bullies that made her life a living hell.

Sarah hoped the bullying will stop, but the brave teen knows that until that day, she will have to be strong. Since she created the video, she underwent a surgery that removed a huge portion of the tumor from her face. She is a new woman, brave enough to face her former tormentors.

She hopes that one day she can work with kids and teach them to stand up to bullies. She’s unsure if the tumor will return, but she is happy that her story got out when it did.

Source - Her story will air on The Discovery Channel on December 18th, called “The Girl With A Half Face.”

Share this story with everyone you know. Sarah deserves happiness.

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