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You'll Be Squirming In Discomfort By The Time You Get Through These 18 Photos

FEBRUARY 2, 2017  —  By Sarah Jewel  
Sarah Jewel

Sarah Jewel

Animal and pizza lover with an Internet addiction. Nerd to the max. Currently residing in the land of beautiful winters.

Have you ever looked at something and noticed that it was just a tiny

Our brains are built to value symmetry and patterns, and anything that throws that balance off has the power to make us uncomfortable. You don't even have to have OCD or be a perfectionist to find this kind of thing upsetting -- just take a look at the following photos to find out.

1. "This guy's laptop on my flight." - Whendidthathappen

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2. "I took a ride in a triangular elevator today." - felibb

3. "This grass grew right through my aloe!!" - Ifuckfreshouttafucks

4. "This door in North London makes me hideously uncomfortable." - wraithpriest

5. "When pencils do this garbage." - kiaha

6. "Parking lot in Romania." - MihaiM24

7. "My loaf of bread was sliced the wrong way." - hi7en

8. "Had a Friendsgiving last night. I forgot I'm friends with wild animals." - SrirachaFlash

9. "My Aunt's hand soap is way too literal and makes me uncomfortable." - nopethatspoop

10. "This sink is out of sync." - Regjohn

11. "This guy's earbuds situation is bothering me on a deep personal level." - lick_my_chops

12. "This makes me deeply uncomfortable." - ohohpopo

13. "One job. You had one job." - aid689

14. "The seat is smaller than the bowl." - trappedinthedesert

15. "The way these pictures are hung in the hallway at work." - NotKay

16. "Just...just...OH FFS." - IJustDonT

17. "My smoke detector caught on fire." - Parkuman

18. "This stovetop." - armafast

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