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Here Are 30 Brilliant Ways To Use Old Stuff You're About To Throw Away. #12 Is Pure Genius.

FEBRUARY 20, 2014

Before you throw anything away, really think about it. For example, if you've finished burning a candle that comes in a big glass jar, don't waste it. Instead, drain out the leftover wax and use it as storage. This is called "upcycling." Upcycling is "the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value." And it's not just for people who love arts and crafts. These ideas are worth trying (and will make your home a whole lot cooler).

1.) Using an old ladder as a bookshelf.

If you don't have a spare ladder handy and would like this piece for yourself, visit the Naturally Cre8tive store on Etsy.

2.) Convert folding chairs into a shelf and closet.

3.) Turning an old 2 liter bottle into a broom.

4.) Using old bottles as shades for pendant lamps.

5.) Make a lamp with hot glue and disposable spoons.

6.) Using old skateboard decks to make a child's picnic table.

7.) Turning a glove into an adorable chipmunk.

8.) Making shelves out of old books.

9.) Turn old bottle caps into cool tea lights.

10.) Convert a discarded piano into a very cool shelf.

11.) Transforming wrenches into wall hooks.

12.) Organizing your cords with used toilet paper tubes.

13.) This sink you can make out of a bicycle.

14.) A portable bagel holder made out of CD/DVD tower case.

15.) Make your wooden fence a little more private with glass marbles.

16.) Put your old computer towers to good use as a mailbox.

17.) Buy packs of cheap hangers to create a room divider.

18.) Create guitar pics out of credit cards (or anything else).

19.) Found another old piano? Turn it into a planter/outdoor fountain.

20.) Convert used light bulbs into oil lamps.

21.) Create a clock out of a bike wheel.

22.) Transform that old drum set into a chandelier.

23.) Use your favorite, old cassette tape as a coin purse.

24.) Cut a bath tub in half to make one of the coolest couches ever.

25.) Use that old, vintage suitcase for a cool chair.

26.) Recycle used wine bottles as a classy chandelier.

27.) If that old TV doesn't work, transform it into an aquarium.

28.) Make a purse (and many, many other things) out of woven pop tabs.

29.) If you don't like wearing hats, make them into lamps.

30.) Transform classic tennis rackets into mirrors.

Now, I don't feel so silly for refusing to throw away every wine bottle I've ever purchased. If I had any talent or time, I could be making chandeliers out of them. Upcycling is good for the environment and good for design. If you're not very handy yourself, visit stores on Etsy like Naturally Cre8tive. They have hand-crafted upcycled products that you can buy for your very own. Source: Bored Panda If you love these trendy ideas, share them by clicking the button below.

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