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These 26 Vintage Pictures Of Pets Prove That Nothing Has Changed In 100 Years

FEBRUARY 5, 2015  —  By Grace Eire  
Grace Eire

Grace Eire

On Viral Nova, Grace writes about cute animals. She also writes for, and thoroughly enjoys puns - the good kind or the bad kind. She's not picky when it comes to puns. She's studied English, music, film, and other creative fields. In her spare time she's reading or writing creative nonfiction, arranging songs, or writing jokes just in case she some day decides to try stand up comedy.

Chances are, you've come across a box or two of old photos in the attic. The pictures are tattered and yellowed in the corners, and the clothing everyone is wearing is dated. However, the activities taking place in the photographs are often not too different from modern day. Humans are still humans, no matter how fancy our camera lenses are, or how frilly our collars are.

While it might seem like a contemporary obsession, it turns out that we've always been fascinated by dressing our pets up in human clothes. How do we know? Well, it's nothing new to document it either. Here are 26 vintage pictures of pets that show that absolutely nothing has changed over the years.

1. Care for a drive?

2. Bath time!

3. This head scarf-glasses combo was very fashionable circa 1950.

Keystone Features/Getty Images

4. Unhappy pup couples were just as adorable in 1935 as they are now. Maybe even more so, given that top hat.

Reg Speller/Getty Images

5. PSA: Don't drink and drive!

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

6. How very Victorian of that terrier to don such a flashy collar.

7. Even puppies in containers were popular in the 50s.

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

8. A WWI pup, 1916.

Henry Guttmann/Getty Images

9. Dressing up pets to be in human situations came way before YouTube.

10. I'd listen to this little lady play in any concert.

11. Just your average laundry day.

12. Look at these little pyros!

13. In 1914, flight was only 11 years old. This kitten was very on trend in this picture.

14. They're swinging right into our hearts.

15. Hm, dog paws were much more hand-like back then...

16. I can hardly get my cat to sit still for two seconds.

17. Can we take a second to acknowledge how creepy this one is?

18. Puppies pushing kitties!

19. "You may now kiss the bride."

20. Safety first, Butch.

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

21. I know everyone smoked back then, but even the dogs?

22. She's beautiful on the inside.

23. Very high class.

24. So dapper!

25. "Kids these days, with their hip hop and rock and roll..."

Fox Photos/Getty Images

26. He's thinking of his next great American novel.

(via io9)

I don't know about you, but I think it's time to bring the top hat back. If not for humans, at least for dogs. Here's to never putting a stop to documenting pets in people's clothes!

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