Wallaby Saved By Boat Tour After Being Chased Into The Water By A Dog

OCTOBER 19, 2016  —  By Sarah Gzemski  

Sarah Gzemski

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Just the other day, a scared wallaby made its way into the ocean in an effort to escape from a dog.

For all we know, the pup was just looking for a new friend, but when the little macropod found itself in the deep end -- quite literally -- it realized just the mess it was in.

Thankfully, Jamie Earley had just brought a group of tourists out for a spin with GC Jetboating. He came across the frantic wallaby and lent the little fellow a helping hand.

Watch the rescue below!

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Of course, before the crew brought the wallaby back to shore, Earley couldn't deny himself a once-in-a-lifetime photo op.

That tour group got the adventure of a lifetime. Stay safe, wallaby!



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