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She Was Doing Laundry And Left For A Minute. When She Got Back, Her Boys Were Gone

MARCH 3, 2017  —  By Corinne Sanders

Any parent will tell you that all it takes is a second of turning their back for their little ones to get into trouble.

While this usually just means kids sneaking food they aren't allowed to eat or breaking cherished possessions, it can also have deadly consequences. One mom named Rakhi from New Delhi, India, recently learned this heartbreaking lesson when she left her three-year-old twin boys, Nishant and Nakshya, alone for only a few minutes.

The woman reportedly filled her washing machine, dropped a pile of clothes next to it, and then left her apartment to buy some detergent on February 25. When she came back roughly six minutes later, they were nowhere in sight. She spent 30 minutes looking for them while a neighbor called the police.

Her husband, Ravinder, rushed home as soon as she told him the twins were missing. He found them lying facedown in the washing machine shortly after. When he took them to a hospital, they were declared dead from drowning.

"It appears that one of the kids first climbed the heap [of clothes] to see what was inside the machine and fell inside head on,” a deputy commissioner of police said. “The second child must have followed his brother. Since both of them fell head on, they were choked. There was no way they could have come out.”

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According to the family, Rakhi had left her children alone before with the washing machine on and they were fine. Preliminary investigations suggest that this was, in fact, an accident, but the boys' bodies have been sent to a hospital for an autopsy.

(via MommyPage and Times of India)

What a tragic turn of events. Share this with other parents as a reminder that it's never safe to leave young children alone.

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