These Jerks NEVER Expected This When They Decided To Protest A 10 Year Old Girl’s Funeral.

February 24, 2014 News

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Even in the most tragic and desperate of situations, the human spirit can surprise you. A 10 year-old girl named Hailey Owens was kidnapped and murdered in Springfield, Missouri. When she was taken, a neighbor tried to follow the kidnapper after calling the police but the murderer escaped. Police found the terrible person responsible for this crime three hours later, but it was already too late to save the little girl.

Her death has been mourned by the entire community, so when the Westboro Baptist Church wanted to picket her wake, they received a response they never expected.

There are monstrous people in this world that do nothing but spread loss and pain. However, it’s incredible to see the genuine love and kindness of strangers that still exist in the face of evil. At the vigil, a singer performed “Amazing Grace.” Mayor Seifried called for a moment of silence in memory of Hailey Owens and then concluded the event with a reading from the Bible.

What the Westboro Baptist Church attempted to do was sick, but what Springfield did was so loving.

Source: KY3 & Reddit

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