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She Nursed A Woodchuck Back To Health And They Adorably Became BFFs

JANUARY 19, 2018  —  By Matt Davidson  
Matt Davidson

Matt Davidson

Writer and sassy ginger currently residing in central Pennsylvania. Matt spends most of his free time online shopping for clothing that he doesn't need, perfecting the art of eye-rolling, and indulging in all forms of pop culture.

Animals always have a way of finding themselves in some pretty extreme predicaments.

These often lead to situations that leave them with nowhere to turn, unless they're spotted by a kind-hearted individual. In some cases, wild critters must endure days of pain and danger until they are finally found, and even then, it is usually too late.

But when this family found a blind woodchuck, they knew exactly how to give it a second chance at a normal life.

When a family discovered a wild woodchuck in their backyard, unable to move, they assumed the worst until they attempted to move the critter with a shovel and noticed her moving.

After discovering that the woodchuck was still alive, they knew right away that it would be in their best interest to contact local wildlife rehabilitator, Molly Ryan.

Once in Molly's care, the woman wasted no time doing everything she could to help nurse the critter, whom she had named Coco, back to health.

The first step in Coco's road to recovery was to regulate her body temperature and make sure she was fully hydrated.

Lying out in the summer heat had made Coco susceptible to animal attacks, so after discovering a series of cuts and pecks, Molly had to clean the woodchuck's wounds and ensure there was no infection.

In addition to Coco's health problems, the woodchuck was extremely malnourished.

Molly gave Coco around-the-clock help and would wake up during the night to make sure her animal patient was doing okay. Eventually, Molly made the decision to allow Coco to sleep in bed. As it turned out, Coco loved to cuddle.

After countless nights of slumber parties, Molly finally believed Coco was well enough to return to the wild, but when it came time to let her go, Molly noticed something odd about Coco's eyes.

It was then that Molly learned that Coco was blind. So instead of releasing her back into the wild, Molly made the decision to make Coco a permanent member of her family.

Molly even helped Coco become a service animal who would go around to educate people about the right and wrong ways to handle wild animals.

Coco even started helping Molly comfort the new animals she brought into the home!

(via Spirited Bliss)

Without Molly's dedication to rehabilitating Coco, it's quite possible this lovable critter might not have survived on her own. These two have a friendship for the ages!

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