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These 7 Amazing Videos Show How Different Makeup Styles Can Be Worldwide

OCTOBER 29, 2017  —  By Sarah Jewel  
Sarah Jewel

Sarah Jewel

Animal and pizza lover with an Internet addiction. Nerd to the max. Currently residing in the land of beautiful winters.

With increased access to others and other cultures, makeup and makeup products are increasingly available across the globe.

Brands are continuing to expand outside of their original markets, making this a really exciting time for beauty trends in the world. I myself am no makeup guru. In fact, most days you can find me sporting little to none, but I love to use it when I dress up. That's what makes makeup an amazing form of self expression.

As it turns out, it can also be a form of cultural self expression. Because American popular culture is so dominant around the world, we perhaps don't think enough about the beauty and makeup practices of people in other countries. Seeing makeup artists apply the looks side-by-side, however, is really enlightening. Here are seven different countries' makeup looks compared to what we're used to in the U.S.A.

1. American vs. French by Christen Dominique


Youtube / Christen Dominique

French makeup tends to be more subtle, especially around the eyes and brows. This artist used six or seven different eyeshadow shades when working on the American side, but she only used one on the French. When it comes to lips, though, that's where the French get bold. Check out that ruby red!

2. American vs. Indian by Kaur Beauty


Youtube / Kaur Beauty

An interesting difference between Indian and American makeup is that in India it's common to use a lighter shade of powder to set the face, while in America a more true-to-tone (or even darker) powder is used. This brings up issues of colorism, which has affected women in India for a very long time.

3. American vs. Korean by Christen Dominique


Youtube / Christen Dominique

While American makeup can be rather dark, Korean makeup takes on brightness and shine. Highlights that accentuate the eyes and a rosy pink glow are a must in Korea, as is a less sculpted brow.

4. American vs. Italian by Tia Taylor


Youtube / Tia Taylor

The makeup artist notes that American culture is very popular in Italy, which means the makeup trends are also pretty similar. As with the French, however, the Italian lips may be brighter, and there are slight differences in application of eye makeup. (Everyone loves those wings, though!)

5. American vs. Cuban by YessiWaters


Youtube / YessiWaters

This artist points out that climate can have a lot to do with makeup preferences. For instance, in Cuba powder foundation lightly applied is popular due to the humidity of the region. Cuban makeup routines also often make use of brighter pink blushes for a rosy glow.

6. American vs. Arabic by Daniela M Biah

Youtube / Daniela M Biah

This artist's comparison isn't about a specific country, but it is about a huge culture. What's awesome about these tutorials is that so many of these artists are working from personal experience and observing the people around them in their various cultures. Biah even showcases different hairstyles and how they can be seen on celebrities from around the globe.

7. American vs. Japanese by Venus Angelic


Youtube / Venus Angelic

This artist really showcases American interest in highlighting versus a lighter touch in Japanese makeup. While all of these comparisons somewhat play off of stereotypes, Japanese style in makeup and clothing is generally considered to be more "cute," and that comes through in this look. Japanese women also tend to accentuate the under-eyes with shadows to create a large, round eye shape.

This was a totally fascinating look at the ways people use makeup in certain parts of the world. I hope more artists showcase their makeup cultures online. We all have things we can learn from each other!

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