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You Won't Believe The Secret Ingredient These 15 Recipes Have In Common - WOW

APRIL 21, 2015  —  By Emily Geraghty  
Emily Geraghty

Emily Geraghty

Emily Geraghty is a DIY writer and video specialist for ViralNova. Previous to ViralNova, she worked in digital content and video production for MTV, Allure, Glamour and LogoTV, as well as reality television development. In her free time she runs the fashion blog That Cheap, a blog about thrift store shopping and inexpensive beauty trends.

In the past few years, American dairy aisles have gotten a whole lot more Greek. Greek yogurt now takes up a third of grocery store yogurt shelves, and with good reason. Greek yogurt is packed with protein and contains less sugar than the pudding cups and the regular yogurt variations it's pushing off the shelves. But if you thought you could only eat Greek yogurt with a spoon, you have no idea just how creative you can get with it. Check out the 15 ways you can hack into your yogurt below -- let's get cooking.

1. Mix together Greek yogurt, a ripe banana, and two tablespoons of cocoa powder to make healthy chocolate pudding.

Get more info on this process here.

2. Make whipped cream a little bit healthier by making it with Greek yogurt.

Get the recipe here.

3. Freeze a layer of berries and greek yogurt on a baking sheet to make healthy berry bark.

4. You can make your own cheese by straining Greek yogurt.

Read in the instructions here.

5. Cut down on the mayo in coleslaw by substituting Greek yogurt.

Learn how to make this apple coleslaw here.

6. Make a protein-packed sweet snack by adding funfetti cake mix to yogurt.

You can also add Cool Whip to make it fluffy. Get the recipe here.

7. Make healthier icing with yogurt.

You can make endless flavor combinations using flavored yogurt. Get the recipe here.

8. Make guacamole even creamier by adding Greek yogurt.

For every three avocados you use, add two cups of Greek yogurt. Get the whole recipe here.

9. Add Greek yogurt to chicken marinade for a creamier taste.

Just add your favorite herbs and two tablespoons of olive oil to a cup of plain Greek yogurt, then throw it into a plastic bag with your chicken pieces for 30 minutes.

10. Make ultra-moist coffee cake with Greek yogurt.

Get the recipe here.

11. Mix one cup of self-rising flour with one cup of Greek yogurt to make the easiest pizza dough ever.

No, really -- that's all you need!

12. Mix Greek yogurt into macaroni and cheese for an extra-creamy, protein-packed meal.

You can add it to instant macaroni and cheese or make it from scratch with this recipe.

13. Whip up healthy, frozen yogurt popsicles for your kids and skip out on the processed sugar of store-bought pops.

Read how they're made here.

14. Let uncooked oatmeal soak in milk, Greek yogurt, and fruit overnight in your fridge. In the morning it'll be soft and delicious.

Add cinnamon and honey for extra, all-natural sweetness.

15. If you have Greek yogurt that's just past its expiration date, use it to make a moisturizing face mask.

Just add a little bit of lemon and honey to the mix before slathering it on.

I love macaroni and cheese, but cringe when I read the nutritional information on the back of the instant mac and cheese box. I'll definitely be adding Greek yogurt to my dinner next time I make it. Which of these hacks will you try first?

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